What is Sebamed?

sebamed is a medicinal skin care system. Unlike other cosmetic products sebamed has been developed as a system of prophylactic and regenerative skin care with especially high skin tolerability for the use in sensitive and problematic skin. Yes, more than just providing a clean, fresh appearance and smooth and supple skin; more than a sense of smelling good and feeling nice, sebamed offers the user additional benefits:

  • Maintenance of the skin’s health (like functional food)
  • Rebalancing of the skin’s ecological system
  • Contribution to the prevention of skin diseases and premature ageing
  • Suitability for sensitive and problem skin
  • Suitable as therapy-supportive skin care in skin diseases (however, not the treatment of the disease)
  • For all skin types

Scientific approach

To justify the claim medicinal skin care, sebamed products are developed in co-operation with dermatologists, pharmacists and university clinics utilizing insights gained from the latest dermatological research. Furthermore all sebamed products are adjusted to the physiological pH value of the skin’s acid mantle to support and protect the barrier function of this vital eco-system, and ensuring the highest skin tolerance. In addition to the formulations maintaining the skin’s own protective functions and health, they reflect the importance of skin-related properties and excellent cosmetic characteristics like skin feeling, easy distribution (without silicone oils) and rapid absorption without surface residue. Active ingredients of high quality and purity are carefully chosen for proven efficacy and safety, and are used in relevant concentrations, rather than adding gimmicks without real beneficial effects. All products have to pass dermatological and/or clinical safety, efficacy and stability testing, before being introduced into the market. Claimed effects on sensitive and problem skin are verified in tests on panels of affected test candidates, rather than only on healthy volunteers. Thus, risks for irritation and allergic reactions are minimized to obsolete, and efficacy maximized.


In contrast to public opinion, true allergies against cosmetic products are quite rare. As no obligatory reporting system exists, numbers for the frequency of allergic reactions are rare and where they exist, they are not always very reliable, due to unreported cases. However, the German Cosmetic Manufacturers’ Association (IKW) established a frequency of 1.2 reactions per every million sold packages of cosmetic products as the average for all cosmetic products on the German market. As the majority of allergies, however, go unreported, a more realistic estimation would be a frequency of 1.2 reaction per 10,000 sold packages. The same applies to Sebapharma‘s statistic for the frequency of reported allergic reactions to sebamed products, which is 1 per every 5 Million sold packages, corrected to 1 per 50,0000. Astonishingly, this rate is almost 6-fold lower than the IKW average, in spite of the facts that…