Skin types

Normal skin

Normal skin is the ideal skin condition. It is smooth, soft, supple, healthy, resilient and has an ample supply of oils and moisture. An intact acid mantle with a pH value of 5.5 in the area of the hydrolipidic film and horny layer provides a barrier against dehydration, pathogens and the damaging effect of the environment. Medicinal skin care products with a pH value of 5.5 support the acid mantle, promoting the fine balance of lipids and moisture in the skin.


Greasy skin

Because it produces excessive sebum, oily skin contains too many fatty secretions. The skin shines, has open pores and tends to have blackheads or acne. The skin requires thorough but gentle cleansing. Medicinal skin care can reduce spots and pimples. Oily creams are not suitable for this skin type.


Dry skin

Dry skin is sensitive, rough, tight, itchy and has a tendency towards reddening and flaking. It needs a great deal of moisturising, but also requires the external application of oils. When it is particularly stressed this type of skin can become irritated. Such irritation can be prevented by the use of medicinal skin care products. This skin type requires gentle cleansing and regular, careful skin treatment to compensate for the loss of natural oils and moisture.


Combination skin

Only the face has combination skin. In some places the skin is dry, in others normal or oily. Typical indication in combination skin: the “T region” (forehead, nose and chin) is oily and contrasts with the dry skin around the eyes and on the cheeks.